Gallup lounge area

18th Floor, The Shard,
32 London Bridge Street
London, SE1 9SG

Project Size: 12,000 sq. ft.
Project Duration: 12 weeks

Gallup delivers analytics and advice to help leaders and organisations solve their most pressing problems. They developed their Microeconomic Path as a framework by which their clients could maximize human nature to accelerate organisational performance.

Committed to what they preach; Gallup have always focussed on their staff creating the best teams to deliver the right solution for each client. Delivering this from a ten-year-old fit-out in the Adelphi Building was at odds with modern collaborative design, with the majority of their staff in cellular offices. With CBRE Project Management, Gallup gave us the brief to deliver a modern collaborative office in London’s most modern building; The Shard.

Gallup use their office as both a workspace and a revenue generator, running training courses and events. The Shard was seen as an opportunity to push both of these forward in an open and engaging way. Nearly half of the space is front of house areas where staff and clients meet, greet and collaborate. The remaining space needed to provide an open and engaging workspace, whilst allowing staff to work quietly when required.

Gallup lounge area


With a space in The Adelphi office nick-named “The Street”, we created something familiar and yet different. Offering stunning views across the city, the front of house was dubbed “The Town Square” which is designed to be multi-functional with places to meet and greet, offering a variety of formalities with Barcelona chairs, Walter Knoll sofas and black marble round table. This area also offers a collaboration zone in the form of a bespoke stone high bench and a beautiful catering bar which provides a focal point to the space. The flooring is a polished ceramic, which along with wall coverings, luxurious carpets, and controllable lighting, gives a boutique hotel feel. The Softcell ceiling is both attractive and highly functional in reducing acoustic reverberation in the space whilst providing access to the services hidden above.

The Town Square contains illuminated glass artwork outlining Gallup’s history and is surrounded by high acoustic-performing conference and meeting rooms which vary from the very formal Boardroom, through to the flexible Seminar Rooms to the relaxed Collaboration Room.

“The Village Green” nestles between the workspaces providing enhanced focus on the angled steels that form part of the structural integrity of the building. Consisting of a Bene collaboration furniture pod which offers the opportunity for focussed work, banquette style meeting and hot bench areas, these spaces are designed around and into the stunning steels to form a well-placed metaphor for the structural integrity of the business moving into a new phase of its eighty-year development.

Finally, the stunning “Inside Out” Winter Gardens that each floor of the Shard offers were enhanced with double glazing, with one treated as a tech-free CEO lounge and the other a tech-focussed team workspace.

This collaborative, modern and stunning office has given Gallup the means to showcase their history, increase revenue and improve the way they operate in the UK.

Gallup seating pod