5 Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia,
London, W1T 1HJ

Project Size: 4,000 sq ft
Project Duration: 6 weeks

Denton Associates were chosen to partner with GroundTruth to design and build their new Head Office in Rathbone Place, London.

Our brief was a create a contemporary office space that reflected the changing needs and image of GroundTruth. Our design had to provide a range of informal working and collaborative areas as well as reflecting the new branding of the company.

Our strategy was to create a collaborative spine, located centrally in the office. This space reflects the dynamic nature of the company and is the reason and destination for people to come together. Here, the vibrant branding of GroundTruth is expressed proudly.

The collaborative spine is the heart of the office, it is home to the most social and team orientated aspects of the office; the large open plan tea point and the all hands area. The tea point has a large island and breakfast bar to encourage staff to spend time away from their desk. The all hands area is a flexible space designed for team presentations. The furniture, including organically shaped sofas, stools and laptop tables were specified to ensure this space would be functional when used by the entire office staff or just 2 or 3 people. Now, bicycles are not to be hidden away, instead colour coded racks have been provided in the office.

Located either side of the collaborative spine, the meeting suite and open plan office areas are more subtle in terms of design, yet benefit from the boldness and its energy of the collaborative spine. The open plan area is designed to allow for future expansion and further collaboration. High backed sofas are positioned in the open plan desking area creating more flexible working environments.

The new office design is a creative reflection of GroundTruth’s new brand. The core values of GroundTruth have been applied to the structural columns, creating a strong link between the brand and the new office.

“Denton Associates were great to work with on this project. We collaborated closely together at the start of the project to ensure we got the office that we wanted.

What they delivered was a beautiful work and social space, which suited our needs, represented our new brand brilliantly and was on budget.

Throughout the project, they were creative, collaborative and upheld the team to the highest standards of workmanship, dealing with issues proactively and quickly (despite the odd curve ball).

We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Furhad Zaidi, Finance Manager, GroundTruth