Bounce Back to a “different normal”

Bounce Back to a “different normal”


As with most of the country, we have been awaiting guidance from the Government regarding the road map to returning to work safely.  Before jumping in to offer unsubstantiated COVID-19 related advice services to our clients for a “Different Normal” workplace, we have been carefully identifying our own guidance and COVID protection plans for our own employees and offices based on approved guidance and consultation with our workforce and H&S department.

The return to work process will be an individually tailored solution for each workplace, it will not be a one size fits all.  We have developed our own roadmap, through a process of trial and error and adapting the ever evolving advice, for our own workplaces so that we are better equipped to offer advice to others.

We have our own H&S and Furniture departments who have been filtering through the abundance of safety guidance and workplace protection offerings to identify practical and cost effective solutions.

We are continuing research on a daily basis to keep up with Government direction.

We are already helping our clients that have approached up for advice with their “return to work plans”.

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