Our Director is Riding 600km to Raise Money for Charity

One of our Directors, Mike Halewood is once again raising money for a great cause, the charity of choice is Dallaglio RugbyWorks. Mike is a long time supporter of the charity and supports their mission which is described below in his own words.

“I have chosen to get on my bike and do the Dallaglio Cycle Slam.

We will be cycling approximately 600km from Udine – Trieste – Novi Spa – Zadar – Sibenik and finishing in Split climbing 8,300m over 5 days along the way!

Why am I doing this? Other than proving to myself I can, I recognise through Dallaglio RugbyWorks the challenges disengaged young people face and try and overcome, that doing this and raising money means that the incredible team at the charity can help more young people nationally get into sustained education and employment.

Youth unemployment is threatening the material and mental wellbeing of a whole generation of young people in the UK. Dallaglio RugbyWorks exists to tackle this issue for those at most risk of long-term unemployment; teenagers who have been permanently excluded from mainstream education in Alternative Provision (AP) schools. In the challenging AP environment, a significant number do not receive any meaningful qualifications, only 1.2% achieve 5 GCSEs with English and Mathematics while 52% of their mainstream peers do.

Coupled with this, careers advice and employability support is often non-existent. The consequence of this environment is simple; permanent exclusion all but shatters a young person’s chance of transitioning into long-term employment. At Dallaglio RugbyWorks, they offer a free service to AP schools, delivering a long-term skills development programme as a regular part of the curriculum.

They use rugby as a tool to engage the students and build strong, trusting relationships with their coaches as well as essential skills like teamwork, communication and respect. They are then introduced to an ambitious programme of employability workshops and workplace visits with their network of partners; opportunities not otherwise available to them, but key to increase their employment prospects.

Working with around 350 young people nationally, they have ambition to reach out to more, and by raising money through Dallaglio Cycle Slam, we can help them achieve this. Learn more at: www.dallagliorugbyworks.com

Thank you for supporting me through this.”


Here is the link to his fundraising page.